Chesterfield, MO Epoxy Flooring

Today’s homeowners have far more options for home improvements than ever before, but you don’t always know who to call. It can feel as though no one in your area provides Chesterfield, MO epoxy flooring services or other contractor services.

You deserve an experienced installation company that always achieves the best results for epoxy, concrete, and other advanced flooring materials. And when you need more service options and affordable pricing for them all, you need the best polished concrete contractor.

At Epoxy Floors St. Louis, we create unique flooring systems that outperform all others at lower costs every day. No matter your desired finished appearances, colors, textures, or other preferences, we always have a solution that you will love.

From straightforward garage floor coating installation to new kitchen flooring you won’t find anywhere else, choose our team each time. We guarantee the best results possible, offered at lower costs over any other garage floor team or epoxy surface contractors.

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Chesterfield MO Epoxy Flooring

  • Epoxy Flooring

There was a time when you would never see these floors inside of a home, but they are a popular choice now. These resin flooring systems are stain, heat, and impact resistant for years with little maintenance requirements on the homeowner’s side.

You can also look forward to a surprising number of customizable options for different floors not found anywhere else around. Separate your home apart from your neighbor’s house with protective flooring that won’t quit, and save more on preserving your house.

  • Garage Epoxy Floor

Improving your garage floors with epoxy surfaces is one of the most popular choices for more area homeowners. Not only will your enhanced surfaces look lovely all year long, but they also help mitigate more sources of damage.

Whether you like to tinker on machines during the weekend or want to prevent more automotive fluid stains, call us. We can provide you with a new garage epoxy floor that will last for years while preserving your home’s foundation.

  • Polished Concrete

The typical homeowner might not realize that you can take your lifeless concrete surfaces and have them polished until shimmering. We utilize a buffering process that includes increasingly finer grits for glossy floors, or we can leave them as a matte finish.

Whichever design options that you prefer, we can create unique flooring choices that last a lifetime with minimal upkeep needs.

  • Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete refers to installation techniques that take dull, gray cement and transform it into something new and uniquely yours. We can even apply some of these methods to your outdoor areas for enhanced patios, driveways, and more paved surfaces.

  • Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy flooring takes the standard process of installing your resin system and adds rich coloration and patterns to it. The resulting final surface is something that mimics liquid, magma, or even vehicle showrooms for breathtaking surfaces that last longer.

Your floors don’t have to look like metal. We can use a variety of additives and installation design techniques. When you want to create a lot of value and wow factor for your home, we can help you upgrade today.

  • Epoxy Floor Coating

Concrete epoxy continues looking beautiful for years, but not everyone has the time necessary to install it the correct way. For those who find themselves with little spare time right now, a floor coating provides many of the same benefits.

By stripping the surface down to bare cement and painting on an adhesive epoxy coat, you can enjoy protection quickly. The process requires less labor and fewer materials but still offers enhanced durability that continues turning heads throughout its daily use.

  • Stained Concrete

The process of staining concrete begins the same was as polished floors, but it uses unique products for your coloration. By relying on acid, water, and solvent-based stains and dyes, we can achieve deeper, more vibrant patterns that will last longer.

We can even mimic other building materials to give your home the appearance of tile, hardwood, or even marble options. And better still, it will cost a fraction of what it would for the real deal, saving you more now.

  • Concrete Resurfacing Contractor

While poured concrete remains among the most durable product you could purchase, it will wear out eventually from daily use. In addition to providing superior concrete and resin flooring systems, we can also repair and improve your concrete areas.

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